I have been in the industry since 1978 progressing through the various stages such as assisting,shooting and managing all aspects of location and studio photography.

In the late nineties there was a significant change in the industry with the introduction of the digital mediums, which meant haveing to re-adjust to the new methodology and techniques.This is where the craft of photography significantly changed from having control of what is in front of the camera to control in the post production aspect of the image process.I have now taken to the digital realm and love the immediacy and ease of sharing images , the post production is very exiting and limitness.

Another change took place in mid 2000 with the introduction of the iphone and the ipad meant that the connection to the internet was now avaliable anywhere anytime.This had the impact of video being used at a unpreceded rate. I have had to go through another learning curve and now offer video production to out service.

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cheers Veceslav Stanuga